3 Quick Tips to Overcome Vertigo and How to Anticipate It

 3 Quick Tips to Overcome Vertigo and How to Anticipate It

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    Have you ever experienced symptoms of vertigo, a disease that we might consider not a dangerous disease? If the answer is yes, it is true that it is not a disease that can kill us at that moment. But you have to know, if you have this disease, it feels like our heads are about to burst and even as if we are between life and death..

    This is not just a testimony from me, you know, who has also experienced vertigo several times. But there are also many other people who think so, when they get this "dizzy seven rounds" disease. So I'm not just exaggerating about this disease, but the fact is that it is. Talking about vertigo, maybe we will ask: why do we experience it and or can get the disease? And what steps should we take if, for example, one day we get vertigo?

    Maybe for those who "subscribe" to this disease, they might know what to do. But for those who have never or rarely (for example, only once or twice), how do you deal with it? And how do we anticipate it so that later this disease will not come to our bodies again?

* The last question also applies to those who subscribe to this disease or the language repeats itself

    Now on this occasion, I will share stories and tips about how to quickly or easily overcome vertigo plus how to anticipate it so that in the future we don't experience it again. Because if you have experienced it, how tormented our bodies are. And we certainly don't want that to happen again.

    However, it should be noted that if I speak here, it is not the capacity as an expert or health worker. This is purely from my experience. So the tips that I will review later, could be wrong in terms of health and or in terms of medical science.

    Even so, these tips work. Yes, at least for me. So you can try it later, or at least these tips are only as an alternative material. Of course, if the results later are not suitable or different, that's beyond my responsibility.. Hehe

* Once again, these tips are not the result of medical research..but based on the experience of TS who has experienced vertigo several times

Okay, without further ado, let's discuss the tips and how to anticipate what and how.

1. Rub the ointment around the body that feels sick

    The first step of a quick way to deal with vertigo is to smear our sick body with a liniment such as wind oil or balm. The purpose of this method is so that the object of our body that feels pain is around the head, so it feels a bit "light" and doesn't hurt too much. In addition, when we use liniment, our sick body will feel warm.

Oh yes, additional tips too, because the object of the body to be smeared is around the head, so you must be careful not to touch other sensitive body parts such as the eyes for example. Because usually our eyes sting when exposed to rubbing medicine..

2. Drink warm sweet tea water

Then the second step to overcome this disease quickly is to drink sweet tea water that is still warm. Our goal by drinking this warm sweet tea water is to let our stomachs become warm and become more delicious. Maybe we will ask: why is this method the object and its destination to the stomach? While vertigo is the object of the body that feels pain, it is the head. So here's what you should know, that this disease does have something to do with our stomach. We will discuss the rest later in the section on how to anticipate this disease.

3. Complete rest and stop all our activities at that time

And the last step of the quick way to overcome this seven-round dizziness disease is to rest completely and then stop all our activities at that time. The purpose of this method is of course so that our body condition quickly improves and recovers as usual.

Because as we all know, that vertigo does make our bodies become completely powerless for a moment so that even moving is like we can't. So we should have a total bed rest, if we get this disease.

    Next, we will discuss how to anticipate it so that later this seven-round dizziness disease, is reluctant to come back to our bodies. Or for those who have never experienced it, these tips or tricks might be used as "lessons" for you in the future. However, before I describe it, we need to know first what causes and why we can experience vertigo. Because from there we will know what steps we should take, before the disease attacks our bodies. The cause of vertigo according to what I have experienced is due to fatigue and lack of rest/sleep, while at the same time our stomach is empty. Well, since the cause is due to the 3 things above, then we should avoid it with the following tips:

tips to take care of your health

1. Fill the stomach first before we start activities or activities. Especially if you are in a state of lack of sleep and rest, you must maintain your diet, because this is very important. If you eat irregularly then what is feared is that ulcers will occur, as a result other diseases appear.

2. If our activities or activities are really super busy from morning to night, then try not to be late to eat. Or at least our stomachs should not be allowed to growl for too long.

3. Maximize our rest time (especially at night), even if we are in a super busy state or even full of activities. Or at least in that super busy state, at least we can steal a little time to sleep for a while and or just lay down.

4. Always have liniment ready wherever we are, especially for those who like to subscribe to this disease. Because this can be very helpful and can be used as a first aid (medicine).

5. Always have medicines, such as headaches and/or fever-reducing drugs, whenever and wherever. This is also important because these drugs can help our immune system, when we are super busy and or busy with activities.

Okay, that's the information I can share on this occasion. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you, and sorry if there are wrong words or sentences in this thread. thankyou

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