food for healthy lifestyle

Food For Healthy Lifestyle 

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    greater public awareness for a healthy lifestyle. This is due to the increasingly flexible lifestyle of today's people. rarely leave the house because of the pandemic is the main factor of awareness to start a healthy lifestyle from home. Doing this is an easy thing if awareness has been formed because there are so many healthy food choices if you are scheduled to change the menu every day then there is no boredom eating healthy food. Some healthy foods to eat every day include the following :

1. Green vegetables

green vegetables

    Green vegetables are the main type of healthy food because they contain lots of healthy nutrients, such as fiber, vitamin K, iron, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are good for your healthy lifestyle. In addition, the antioxidants contained in green vegetables can protect your body from free radicals. a wide selection of vegetables, ranging from broccoli, mustard greens, lettuce, kale, to spinach.

2. Fruits

fruits bucket

    Fruits are a great food to help you add to your healthy lifestyle from now on. we summarize it for you the types of fresh fruit that must be in your kitchen to meet your body's nutrition. Here is the review:


For the needs of vitamin C and vitamin A, you can buy mangoes which can strengthen your immune system during a pandemic like this. consume it regularly, it will not get sick or feel tired.


recommendation for your diet menu is avocado. because it contains unsaturated fat which is good for your diet. You can serve it as a sandwich filling for your breakfast.


for your heart health this fruit is my recommendation. This fruit contains a lot of fiber and high antioxidants and is useful for maintaining your healthy lifestyle. In addition, this fresh fruit can make your skin smooth and soft.


high vitamin C in this fruit can not be doubted. Folate contained in oranges is good for the health of your body's cells. In addition, the potassium in oranges can strengthen your muscles, especially during growth.

3. Meat and eggs

meat and egg

    rich in nutrients Meat is one of the good foods to support your healthy lifestyle, it is highly recommended if beef is lean because it contains the highest iron and protein compared to other animal meat. In addition to meat, eggs also have high protein, besides that they contain complete nutrients, ranging from minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, to unsaturated fats.

4. Nuts and seeds

nuts and seeds

    Next are nuts and seeds. These healthy foods contain lots of nutrients. Examples are chia seeds, cashews, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. not only that but it also contains magnesium and vitamin E which are good for your body.

5. Milk


    vitamins, minerals, quality animal protein is in milk, milk also contains healthy fats. In addition, the best source of calcium is in milk. To consume it, you can drink directly or buy processed products, such as cheese and yogurt.

    but there are also foods that you need to avoid so that your healthy lifestyle is maximized. the advantage of a healthy lifestyle is to avoid various kinds of diseases, you must also limit harmful foods and make sure to avoid unhealthy intake. the following are some of them:

Drinks high in sugar

such as soft drinks, syrups and energy drinks. what you need to do is limit it if you are still dependent on high-sugar drinks, this will make your habit better to start a healthy lifestyle. because if consumed in excess this type of drink can cause insulin resistance in the body. this leads to serious illnesses, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Fast food

Junk food is one of the foods that need to be avoided. like burgers, hotdogs, fries. High calories make these foods you should avoid because the nutrients in these foods are also low, this is why you gain weight so quickly if you often consume these foods every day. but if you consume 1-2 times it's not a problem. Because of your busy work, you don't have time to prepare healthy meals for yourself. Here are tips for those of you who are busy and can't prepare healthy meals every day. Click here.


mostly snacks such as candy, biscuits and ice cream. Snacks are also high in calories and low in nutrients. So, my advice is to consume it in moderation!

If you eat healthy food every day it will help your habits become better in your healthy lifestyle. So, start from now on eating healthy foods with balanced nutrition to keep your body from various diseases and of course make your life healthier.

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