step by step for healthy lifestyle

Step By Step For Healthy Lifestyle

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    body health is very important. You need a nutritious intake every day to keep it healthy. to live a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It takes a habit that is repeated so that you don't feel burdened by a healthy lifestyle that you apply. therefore, through this article. I want to share tips to get used to a healthy lifestyle. indeed this is very difficult, therefore, it is necessary to take action to do this every day until you get used to it. starting from the food you consume every day, regular exercise every day and much more. but this time I only focus on a healthy lifestyle on the food you consume. Most healthy foods have a bad taste, but can vegetarians do that? but I'm not here to suggest you to be a vegetarian, because it's very difficult to do. I only share tips and tricks to get used to healthy and less delicious food on the tongue. Here are some tips you can do to start getting used to your new food:

1. start slowly

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    a new tongue to try food that is less delicious it will stimulate your brain to reject it. Start slowly by making tomato juice every morning. because tomato juice is a healthy food but the tongue often rejects it because it is used to taste it as a sauce. then if you are used to it, add more to your menu with salt for 1-2 days a week, this is to combine your food so that your brain recognizes that there are other food variants besides junk food with the same taste. if you eat every day This actually makes your brain bored easily so it won't last long if you do this healthy lifestyle.

2. Train your tongue

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    This is a continuation of the first tip, but I will discuss in more detail in this number 2. to begin with your tongue should not be too often to force him to eat a healthy vegetable. but train by increasing the portion of healthy food every month. why every month? because to increase the intensity then I suggest for every month you take a self-evaluation. for the first month 1-2 days a week consume it, then in the next month 2-3 times a week and plus one every month, what will happen? your brain will easily accept and never mind to do it. Most people's brains want to do a healthy lifestyle like the ones on the internet tutorials, but their hearts are not ready and always say, "this is difficult", "I can't do this with my busy life", "I feel lazy to do it" and many more. Curious to control the contents of your brain with your heart's content? Continue to number 3

3. Suggestion to the brain is very important

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    Human actions unconsciously originate from their heart. although the brain logically thinks it can do it but if your heart doesn't want it then what happens is you won't do it. This you can apply in the principles of your healthy lifestyle. instill the principle, if you don't start now, then your weight will not go down but instead make it go up. surely in your heart there is a saying, "there is still tomorrow", counter that word with direct action. For example, directly make tomato juice in your refrigerator. because in my opinion even though the best suggestion is if your heart doesn't want it then you will never do it. if you can control your brain, then the next step is to make it so you don't get bored easily with your healthy lifestyle.

4. Vary Your Food

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    variety of food will make your tongue not get bored quickly. if on Monday you consume tomato juice, then Tuesday your drink is stowberry juice and so on. this will be hard to do because it looks so neat and scheduled, if you are a person who does not like to be organized it will be difficult to do this. but try tips number 1-3, live these tips first if you are used to it then continue at this step. indeed the topic that I share seems difficult at the beginning but easy at the end. but quite the opposite, it's much harder to maintain than to start something. because if you've consistently lived. then there is only to maintain it. it takes more patience to maintain your lifestyle. If these tips are not satisfactory, you can continue to the last tips, I am sure you will be successful in changing your old lifestyle. with 5 ways that I share with you all.

5. Eat with family

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    the latter is quite easy and fun, because what I mean here is not just eating with family as usual, but you invite them to live healthy with you. it will be fun if you manage to get one of your family members to start with you. then surely will pass on this good habit to other family members. that way you will not feel heavy going through this process. if you do it yourself then this will feel heavy and your little heart will fight your mind that you have built from steps 1-4.

So, if you need other healthy lifestyle tips, you can comment in the comments column. thanks for reading my article.

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