Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle and cardio exercise at home

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

    Flu and cough are not serious illnesses. But if you have this disease, our activities will be disrupted. In fact, not only activities, but our rest schedule can also be disrupted by diseases that do not know seasons and do not know that age. disease can strike at any time, this is caused by an unfavorable body condition. then how do we keep our bodies in a fit condition? One of them is by exercising in one of the tips that I will share with you. healthy liftstyle is the key to living healthy and always fit. if this is already in your brain, then you do any exercise will feel light, because it is embedded in the understanding that a healthy lifestyle is important.

    I think almost everyone has had this disease, even if they are from the official ranks. It's just that each person has a different frequency. Some are frequent or recurring and some are infrequent. Then the question; Is there anyone who almost never gets this disease at all? Maybe there is but it seems rare..

    So, what then became the focus of discussion of the question is, can we actually be free from the virus, which often comes unexpectedly?

    If you really become free at all, it doesn't seem possible. It's just that if you just reduce the frequency, the possibility is that you can prevent it early. Or at least, when you get this disease, it's not too severe than what we usually experience. And related to that, allow me on this occasion to share stories about ways or tips to prevent flu and cough, from my experience so far. These tips were originally given by a friend of mine. But after I tried it, it turned out to be quite effective too. So you can copy these tips, if you like it..

*but I'm off the hook, if the tips turn out to be less effective.. because this isn't the result of medical research.. hehe

So what are the tips like? Here is the review and the details :

1. Before taking a shower, wet your chest first

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

    The first tip is to wet or flush the chest first, before we start bathing activities (can take a shower in the morning or afternoon). Either this method is medically related or not with colds and coughs. But what is clear when I try to practice it myself, it turns out there is a positive effect as well. Because since then I have rarely caught colds and coughs.

    Yes, even if you get hit later, it's only for a short time (2-3 days) and it's not too bad either. Previously, when I had a cold and cough, it took a long time and often ended up with a doctor's prescription or going to a clinic or health center.

2. Diligently drink high doses of Vitamin C drinks

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

    Next for the second tip is to frequently drink high-dose Vitamin C drinks. If this one has anything to do with flu and cough, but medically Vitamin C is indeed good for the health of our bodies.

    However, the question then becomes; what is an example of a high-dose Vitamin C drink and how? Because as we know, there are many types of drinks that contain Vitamin C on the market. And certainly not all of them are good and good..

    So if I may recommend, then choose You C-1000. This is not a promotion, you know. But it was my friend (who gave the advice) who advised him to drink that brand of drink. And indeed after I tried it, the advice was quite effective too..

3. Diligently drink pure white milk

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

    Next for the third tip is to diligently drink pure white milk or white milk without sugar and without any mixture. For this option, you can choose canned milk or pure white milk sold by retailers and or buy directly from the manager of the cattle farm.

    Personally, I often drink Beard Brand canned milk or our language is bear milk. This is also not an advertisement, you know, but indeed a friend of mine recommended it. And as the tips no. 2, these tips also turned out to be effective when I tried to put them into practice..

Note: specifically for tips number three and four, you don't have to do it every day.. just every 2-3 days a week..

4. Diligently drink warm water in the morning after waking up

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

And the last tip to prevent flu and cough in our bodies is to diligently drink warm water in the morning, especially after we wake up in the morning and have not put anything in our mouths. It's warm here not to tend to be cold or lukewarm. But if it can be warm it's still a bit hot..

Many of the benefits of these tips include neutralizing our throat from phlegm. So this therapy is highly recommended to treat and prevention of flu and stone disease, because phlegm is what sometimes causes us to get the disease.

Oh yes, originally these tips were not a gift from my friend, but purely from my daily habits. However, I also learned that from other people, which I then tried to practice myself. And indeed after I tried it, the effect of the benefits was really felt..

5. Diligent in sports

Tips for Preventing Flu and Coughs Easily with healthy lifestyle

    Before you get sick, you should prevent it with a healthy lifestyle. because many people do not care about their health. health is number 1, therefore take care of your health by maintaining your healthy lifestyle. by eating health food, exercise with treadmill for hiit, treadmill hiit workout, cardio exercise at home. if you are overweight, it is also not good for health. then how to lose weight fast 2 months? these are weight loss tips you can read them here: weight loss tips. if you are a teenager, you can read it here: how to lose weight fast for teenagers.

* if you are curious, just search on Google about this warm water therapy... because there are many articles that discuss this and its benefits

    Okay friends, that's the information I can share on this occasion. Hopefully it can be useful and I apologize if there are mistakes in the words or words in the thread that I made above. Thank you for visiting my blog and see you in my next thread, which of course will still discuss the typical themes of this blog. thankyou!

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