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Weight Loss Tips

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a healthy food menu is important for you to apply every day, especially if you have a plan every day. This will make your day more enjoyable. and you do not find it hard to live it. some tips that you can use to manage your healthy food menu and weight loss tips. let's see below :


oat meal for weight lost tips

    Oats are a great breakfast substitute. because oats are healthy foods with high minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber. The texture of oats is different from bread, if you are not familiar with this type of food. then you need to get used to it at least once a week. try to schedule on Monday, because Monday you need a lot of energy. So, I suggest to eat it on Monday. with a mixture of other fruits and vegetables of course, this will really help weight loss tips of you.


Brown rice for healthy

    Brown rice is a common food consumed by Asians, especially China. they have been consuming it since time immemorial. but in Europe or America you can also find it in Asian stores near your home. the price is also quite affordable, it depends on the area you come from. Brown rice is high in carbohydrates, fiber, and protein which is good for digestion and I can stand your body. if the food is brown rice, then the most suitable drink is guava juice. guava juice that you consume will meet the needs of fiber and vitamins in your body. Guava juice can also treat your blood circulation to make it smoother and well-maintained.


banana for diet

    You need to consume 3 bananas in one day. This will make you less hungry, make bananas as an appetizer, not dessert. this will make you full before eating other food haha. In addition, bananas contain lots of vitamins and minerals which are good for weight loss tips of you. on your lunch menu. You can also use beans and carrots for your salad. schedule these foods on your lunch menu. this will be a powerful menu to weight loss tips of you.


potatoes to diet everyday

    This vegetable is commonly cooked into French fries. This is a healthy food with a high carbohydrate content that makes you feel full quickly. only consume 200 grams you already feel full. for the drink you can make avocado juice. This juice will be very suitable if you combine it with your homemade fries. You can also eat avocado with french fries without processing it into juice.


its a funny with my son

    Milk is the easiest food to find, you can easily find it at the nearest supermarket. This drink is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The best milk is in cow's milk. milk can also strengthen your bones, bread or biscuits you can use as a complement to drink milk. Besides milk, melon is a delicious and healthy fruit for you to consume every day. Pair it with milk as a drink. because the sweetness of the fruit will be mixed with the sweetness of the milk making it the most delicious food for your weight loss tips.


youghurt for weight lost tips

    besides milk, fermented drinks are also good for your body, this is youghart, this drink is popular all over the world, and you can easily get it at the nearest supermarket. You can consume this drink morning and night. if the drink is youghhart then the food is corn. You can process corn into porridge by boiling or steaming it. You can also combine it with milk and cheese on top. this is very delicious. interesting is not your saturday menu to weight loss tips of you.


food healthy

    Sunday is your relaxing day, you can mix up any healthy food menu that is available in your refrigerator. Mixing fruit and nut salad is the best way to fill your Sunday. with milk as a drink.that's a suggested healthy menu schedule for your one week. if you schedule it like this. then you will not feel heavy on a diet to weight loss tips of you.

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